Mary’s March Interview: 3 acupressure points proven to promote relaxation

buy mary wong book CTV: Grueling Work Schedules May Contribute to Increasing Infertility Rates

CTV’s Your Morning Show meets with holistic fertility specialist and author of Pathways to Pregnancy, Mary Wong, to shed light on the issue of infertility, by offering insight on common problems and diverse solutions for moving beyond diagnoses.

buy mary wong book Why we need to openly talk about male infertility

Mary Wong from ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic tells us what can contribute to male infertility and what can be done to help prevent it.

buy mary wong book Healthy Lifesytle with Eraldo

Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo - 043 - Seg #3 - Mary Wong, registered acupuncturist and author of "Pathway to Pregnancy" discusses her recent talk at Google about dispelling shame and providing hope for those trying to conceive and also dispelling myths around fertility challenges. She explains the challenges that couples face when it comes to infertility and give tips to those struggling. Mary also shares her own experience with infertility.


buy mary wong book The New Family: Making Fertility Work

When it comes to treating fertility woes, couples often find that time is rarely on our side. Holistic fertility health expert Mary Wong joins the New Family podcast to provide some words of wisdom for juggling workplace responsibilities with all the commitments conception entails.

buy mary wong book The New Family: Support for Same Sex Couples

It’s an unfortunate truth that the baby-making journeys of same-sex families aren’t talked about all that often. Mary Wong discusses fertility support for same-sex couples looking to conceive.

buy mary wong book Fertility Friday: Mary Wong

Fertility specialist and holistic health expert Mary Wong joins the Fertility Friday podcast to offer insight into ovarian health and the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in achieving comprehensive fertility solutions that move beyond a daunting diagnosis.

buy mary wong book Mary Wong | Pathways to Pregnanc

A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Mary has been in practice for over 20 years and has treated thousands of people, the vast majority of whom struggle with gynecological disorders, fertility challenges, and pregnancy-related symptoms or issues.

buy mary wong book SSFE podcast #4 with Mary Wong

Mary Wong has been in practice for more than 20 years helping thousands of couples conceive. She is the founder of ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic and was an expert panel advisor to the Canadian government on infertility and adoption (where the province of Ontario funds IUI cycles and 1 IVF as a result amongst other things).

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buy mary wong book Mama Glow: 5 Causes of Male Factor Infertility

Male factor infertility (MFI) accounts for 40% of the common fertility issues most couples face. But when it comes to seeking treatment, women frequently bear the brunt of going the extra mile. Fertility expert Mary Wong advises couples who are serious about conceiving on the five easy-to-test problems on the sperm side that can make all the difference.

buy mary wong book Today’s Toronto Mom: Mary Wong

Mary Wong is featured on Toronto Mom Now as Today’s Toronto Mom! In this article, Mary discusses her work, Pathways to Pregnancy, her family and her favorite places to visit in Toronto.

buy mary wong book Traditional Vs. Modern Medicine: You Don’t Have to Pick Just One

No one style of medicine is omnipotent; Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Mary Wong can attest to that with her story of IVF.


buy mary wong book She Does The City: How To Increase Your Fertility (By Not Trying So Hard)

Increasing fertility doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Fertility expert Mary Wong has helped thousands of couples conceive using a blend of traditional and modern medicine. She’s sharing practical advice and inspiration in achieving fertility in both little and big ways.

Mark Brennae CFAX 1070 Radio Interview

Mark Brennae of CFAX 1070 in British Columbia interviews Mary Wong discussing fertility and pregnancy.

BB 47 Building an Infertility Practice with Mary Wong

Mary Wong discusses the process of building an infertility practice with Businesses in Bloom.


buy mary wong book The Toronto Star: IVF Is A Huge Time Commitment: Modern Family

For the 11 to 16 per cent of Canadian couples facing fertility troubles, navigating treatments alongside a busy work schedule can be tricky business. Mary Wong should know best. She works with couples undergoing treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) who are often in need of some workplace support and offers advice on balancing their commitments.