Marc Sherman is the co-founder of Organic Conceptions.

Both Marc and Mary have had their own struggles with infertility and something they both found solace in was other people’s stories that were going through the same thing. There are moments of struggle and despair but there is also the other side where you see hope and success.

In this video below they shed some light on how powerful the mind is on conception. Couples need to emotionally connect to improve odds of conceiving. There are some people who have the conception of doubt and a diminished sense of self. However, the way you think leads to how you act. Changing their emotional health to something more positive can lead to success; the evidence of this is overwhelming. They need to forgive themselves and their bodies thus, leading them on a new journey.

There is always support and help whether it is through a support group, acupuncture, or programs.
Marc’s program is 1 hour a week for 8 weeks which is great because it is private and is easy to do with a busy schedule. You get to be in the comfort of your own home while being guided through stories of hope. He provides assistance to change the way one is resisting the journey they are on. In addition, he addresses the emotional blockage of what one expected in life and when they are not there they build up resentment. He understands the process and provides validation. People need to flow with it not through it.