Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Janet Jackson have joined the growing list of celebrity moms over 35 having babies. These celebrity pregnancy announcements have raised questions and piqued interest in the role of fertility treatments in conceiving. While it may be plausible for a woman at Beyoncé’s age (35) to conceive naturally, the likelihood of someone at Janet Jackson’s age (50) conceiving without treatment is almost impossible.

As women age, the probability of conceiving decreases every month. There is even a sharper decline after the age of 35. Yet, how do so many famous women become mothers in their mid-to-late-forties? Integrating holistic approaches such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with fertility treatments from Reproductive clinics maximizes their chances of pregnancy and having a healthier baby.
It’s more common that you think. More and more couples are combining Eastern and Western medicine in their pathways to pregnancy. With the advancement of technologies and treatment options, couples are redefining their pathway to parenthood and seeking natural options to create a healthier, positive environment for their baby and selves.

Hollywood Moms Who Publicly Used Acupuncture to Conceive

Celine Dion

The Canadian singer and mother of three, underwent several failed procedures during her pregnancies. After finishing up her contract at Caesars Palace and touring the world, 43 year old Dion and her husband, decided it was time to add a new addition to the family. In 2010, Celine’s rep confirmed that after undergoing her sixth IVF attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of pregnancy, Dion was pregnant with twins. On October 2010, Dion gave birth to Nelson and Eddy. Celine later opened to the Daily Mail about her fertility challenges: “I did IVF six times, one after the other. With any pregnancy whether it’s through IVF or not, you have to remain positive and try to relax as much as possible. I always say my children’s first country is inside of me, so I try to make it healthy.”

Mariah Carey

At the age of 40, the singer became pregnant with twins. Mariah Carey credits fellow singing icon, Celine Dion, for helping her conceive. Carey spoke to Access Hollywood about turning to acupuncture after suffering a miscarriage in 2008. “Celine was talking about acupuncture. I used to get acupuncture and had never thought of it with regards to the trying to conceive situation. I was getting acupuncture, like once a day. It was on a schedule. For the first time in my life, I spent time in one place.” Carey admitted that regular acupuncture treatments used alongside IVF helped battle the daily stresses associated with her fertility challenges and helped her get and stay pregnant.

Natalie Portman

In 2011 actress, Natalie Portman, revealed to Marie Claire Magazine that she regularly visited an acupuncturist to supplement her exercise routine and to reduce the amount of stress she experienced while pregnant. “To me, exercise is the best way to combat stress. I do yoga sometimes and also get acupuncture and a massage when I’m feeling stressed.”

Helena Bonham Carter

At age 41, Helena Bonham Carter and her husband, Tim Burton decided that it was time they wanted a sibling for their son. Bonham Carter told People Magazine that they sought several “conventional and unconventional” fertility treatments. “It (hormonal drugs to stimulate egg development) stressed me out beyond belief. Hormonally, I was all over the shop and I got really low emotionally”.  Fearing that like most women over 40, she wasn’t ovulating, Carter an advocate for alternative therapies, decided to seek out Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The TCM doctor supplied the couple with a variety of Chinese herbal teas “to build up her strength”. Helena also tried Tui Na, a Chinese medicine based acupressure massage for patients who prefer to avoid needles. Later that year, Bonham Carter discovered that she was pregnant naturally with a baby girl.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen started doing acupuncture to get rid of the severe migraine headaches she got during her pregnancies. According to her reps, Stefani loved it and referred all her soon to be mommy friends to an acupuncturist. At age 44, the singer decided to use alternative methods such as acupuncture to help her through her third pregnancy. Due to the number of its beneficial qualities, Gwen continues to get an acupuncture treatment almost every day to help her remain calm and balanced.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of your wealth, fame, or celebrity status, infertility and the use of fertility treatments are situations that anyone can face. In fact, one in six people will experience fertility issues in their lifetime. When it comes to Hollywood pregnancies, we often see the sparkle and shine. Rarely do we get a glimpse of their true pathways to pregnancy. Understandably, while privacy is important to most, any acknowledgment of the role fertility treatments have will confront the stigma and stress associated with the quest of making a baby.
Just like these Hollywood moms, your journey is unique. If you are considering using acupuncture during your pathway to pregnancy, consult a qualified TCM practitioner specializing in gynecological health to determine the best pathway for you.