It’s unrealistic to live a stress free life. Stress is part of our day-to day life. It’s present at work, at home, and sometimes with our friends and family. However, it is not a permanent state of being- Nor should you allow it to hinder your mental health or pathway to pregnancy.

Stress itself doesn’t impede pregnancy. Rather it is how we respond to the stresses that will either positively or negatively impact our body, mind, spirit, and ability to conceive. We have the ability to influence our health by how we live our lives and perceive our thoughts and stresses. Therefore, it’s particularly important for couples and individuals to learn how to manage their stress to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Learn to Say No: It’s important to limit your stress where you can. You don’t need to feel obligated to add to your workload or agree to every request someone makes of you. Give yourself permission to say “no”: No to organizing a work event, attending a baby shower, or spending time with family or friends who don’t support you. Decline invitations that will trigger stress or anxiety. If you find yourself in a situation that involves caring for a sick parent or grieving the loss of loved one, acknowledge your emotions. Close your eyes and consciously relax.

Create a Support Network: Pathways to pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster.  It can take a toll on couples and add tension in the relationship. Do not solely rely on your partner for emotional support. There are limitations as to how much they can support and understand your journey. I encourage my patients to seek out an understanding friend, attend a fertility support group, or talk privately to a psychologist or counselor who specializes in fertility. Utilizing your support network will help reduce your stress levels and provide you with much needed emotional release.  

Connect with Nature and Your Loved Ones: Connecting with nature and your love ones can be healing. Nature can help you put things in perspective by seeing yourself as a small piece of the universe. While connecting with your partner will help you keep the intimacy alive and remind yourselves why you became a couple.

Balanced Healthy Diet: An imbalanced diet that results from eating high calorie, high saturated fats and low-fibers can negatively impact your overall health as well as your reproductive hormones. Eating organic foods will minimize your exposure to toxins. This will decrease the physical stress on your body. If you’re worried about the cost of going organic, check out the “Clean Fifteen” fruits and veggies that you can buy at the grocery store that contain the least amount of pesticides.

Mindful Body Exercises: Any mindful body exercise that combines breathing with movements and increases self-awareness can have significant calming and meditative effects on your body, mind, and spirit. I recommend trying mind-body exercises such as walking, running, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and any other traditional form of Yoga.

Meditation or Hypnotherapy: Meditation and hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation that will make you feel happier in the moment. At ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic, we   offer hypnotherapy  to help  a patient’s subconscious mind become more receptive to positive thinking that will reduce stress. Indulging in meditation or hypnotherapy doesn’t have to be a sit-down thing, unless you personally find stillness rejuvenating.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture sessions may help you release thoughts and feelings that seem stuck in your mind. It is an excellent drug-free method to minimize stress, increase endorphins, and provide relief from many discomforts associated with pregnancy. Acupuncture can also help release certain hormones that will decrease menstrual symptoms and improve overall reproductive balance. However, it is not something you can do everyday.

Herbal Medicine: Through visiting a TCM practitioner, we will recommend several herbal medicines that will help restore and replenish your body’s energy and essence. These herbal remedies are time-tested to allow for positive energy to flow throughout your body, reduce stress, and nourish your Qi, life force energy and blood.